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Chris Bryant MP, Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on the NIESR and MAC reports on immigration today, said:
“Both of today’s reports are important in providing research on the impact of immigration on the labour market and we will consider both closely. These reports show this is a tough issue and there are few easy answers.
“We agree with the Migration Advisory Committee’s conclusion that migration policy should be based first on the needs of people living in the UK.
“We have always believed that we need controlled migration, bringing in the skills we need to benefit our country rather than the workers we do not need.
“It’s important that migration supports the economy and does not undermine it. That’s why we introduced the Points-Based System, closed the route for non-EU unskilled migrants, and created a list of skills required to filter out those the UK doesn’t need.
“However, this requires credible policies rather than rhetoric. The MAC concludes that high-skilled migrants who stay beyond five years are not associated with displacement of British workers, yet the Government’s latest focus is to prevent people from staying beyond five years and replacing them with more short term migrants.
“What is clear is it’s time for consistency, clarity and honesty from the Tory-led Government on immigration. Breaking their own promises on this vital issue just shows how out of touch they are.”

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