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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on the House of Commons Justice Select Committee Report on Joint Enterprise, said:

"We welcome evidence to suggest that the deterrent effect of joint enterprise intended by the courts can discourage young people, who may be on the periphery of gang-related activity, from becoming involved in criminality in the first place.

"However, the Justice Select Committee have drawn attention to some concerns around the application of joint enterprise. We would welcome proper clarity and guidance so that our courts are able to deliver justice in a fair and effective manner, so that any miscarriages of justice are avoided and the number of appeals in such cases is minimised. We are happy to work with the Government, the select committee and victims as well as campaign groups to ensure we get this right.

"Labour believes in tough action to tackle gang-related violence but by cutting over 16,000 police officers alongside cuts to youth services and crime prevention projects across the country, ultimately, the Tory-led Government is making it harder not easier to tackle crime."

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