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Chris Bryant MP, Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, said in response to the Home Affairs Select Committee's report on UKBA:

“This report is damning. Ministers failed to oversee their own pilot of reduced border checks resulting in a significant fall in those stopped and returned, then kept all official papers from Parliament to make it impossible for the committee to get to the truth.

“It reveals that senior officials were aware for some time of the suspension of border checks, yet the so-called pilot was left to carry on with no oversight from the Immigration Minister or the Home Secretary.

“It shows that the Home Secretary has refused to provide vital official papers to the Select Committee, without which it is difficult for anyone to know the full truth. If Theresa May has nothing to hide, why is she hiding documents?
"It also shows that there was a complete breakdown of proper communication between Ministers, the Home Office and the UKBA.

“The bottom line is that during last summer's border chaos the number of people stopped at the border and turned away went down by 12 per cent compared to the previous summer. Nobody could seriously call that a success. Fewer illegal immigrants were turned away than the previous year.
“Rather the Home Secretary and her Ministers displayed incompetence and poor management. They took their eye off border security during the busiest period of the year, and left Britain unprotected. Their actions since have displayed no interest in accountability, nor in providing answers for the border fiasco they oversaw.”

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