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Ivan Lewis MP, Shadow International Development Secretary, responding to the International Development Select Committee's report on Private Foundations published today, said:

“I welcome the publication of today’s Select Committee report. With private foundations playing a crucial role in shaping and delivering international development policy across the globe, for example Bill Gates recently presented an important report to the G20, it is only right that the IDC took the time to examine their work. Private foundations are in a good position to bring new techniques and creative solutions to development. We must celebrate their contribution and continue to support them in bringing forward innovative approaches.”

“With private foundation investment in international development increasing it is only right that we look at ways in which Governments, NGOs, multilaterals and private foundations can work together to achieve the best outcomes for those in developing countries. This means private foundations taking steps to increase their transparency and accountability, as well as donors recognising the benefits to be gained from increased engagement with them. A more internationally joined up approach, incorporating all types of donors, would allow the world to not only plan more strategically but also to avoid duplication and better monitor our successes.”

“In the pursuit of better aid effectiveness DfID should work more closely with private foundations to achieve global change. The report makes a number of sensible suggestions about how this can be achieved which the Government should consider carefully.”

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