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Jon Trickett MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, speaking ahead of an expected Government announcement on lobbying, said:

"The Government need to get serious about lobbying transparency. If we are to give an assurance to a sceptical public that politics is serious about cleaning up its act then we need action now.

"The Government must use this opportunity to sort out once and for all the serious flaws in the current system that allowed the recent scandals to happen.

"There is now widespread acceptance that there needs to be statutory regulation. There needs to be a statutory register of lobbyists with a clear definition of what lobbying is and everyone who comes under the new definition of lobbying must register. There needs to be a code of conduct with clear consequences for those who breach it with the ultimate sanction of being struck off the register in the most serious cases.

"Let's be clear, a half-way house on lobbying will not suffice."

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