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Vernon Coaker MP, Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, responding to last nights bomb attacks in Derry, said:

"I am appalled by these bomb attacks. This was not just an attempt to cause destruction and endanger life, it was intended to do damage to Derry/Londonderry's preparations for a year of festivities as a City of Culture in 2013.

"Once again, I commend the actions of the police and security forces, and pay tribute to all those protecting and serving communities throughout Northern Ireland.

"While the tireless efforts of so many people are helping to make this a special year for Northern Ireland - with a focus on tourism, celebration and commemoration - there are still those who seek to drag us back to the past.

"The overwhelming majority of people in Derry/Londonderry want a peaceful and prosperous future. These futile, reckless and cowardly acts of terrorism only strengthen the resolve of the entire community to move forward together and work to create a better Northern Ireland."

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