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Responding to the Government’s decision to oppose Graham Jones’ Private Members’ Bill to tackle metal theft, David Hanson MP, Labour's Shadow Home Office Minister, said:
“At a time when metal theft shows signs of getting out of control – this Government refuses to act and has opposed legislation to tackle this dangerous crime.  
“The decision to block Labour MP Graham Jones’ important Bill proves that the Government is unwilling to take the urgent action required to deal with metal theft.
“We have called for the Government to change the law to tackle metal theft at a time when we are seeing the desecration of war memorials, when households face repeated power cuts, commuters face increasing delays and churches and public buildings are being damaged. The theft of electric wires is even putting lives at risk.
"Faced with crime on this scale, the Government is being far too slow to act. The decision to oppose this bill proves that the Home Office is all too happy to turn a blind eye to this increasingly serious crime.”  
Labour MP Graham Jones said:

“There is frankly no good reason for the Government to have objected to this Bill, they should be embarrassed and ashamed. The Government’s soft-on-crime approach and out of touch Ministers have led to a missed opportunity. We will now not likely see legislation before the Olympics, possibly not until 2013.”

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