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Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, responding to the publication of the Health Select Committee’s Public Expenditure Report, said:

"This stark warning from the Health Select Committee should sound the death-knell for the Government’s re-organisation of the NHS.

"It exposes how Ministers have brought disruption and distraction to the heart of the NHS when what it desperately needed was grip and focus.

"The Committee’s conclusion is unambiguous; the Government has placed the NHS on an unsustainable path and it simply has to change course if serious damage to patient care is to be avoided.

"The report gives powerful voice to what the vast majority of people across the NHS are saying. Last week, the Government tried to dismiss the concerns of nurses and midwives but today find themselves in the uncomfortable position of hearing them echoed by senior Conservative MPs.

"The Prime Minister promised to protect the NHS and people will not forgive him if he ignores these warnings. He is driving the NHS towards the edge of a cliff and must urgently change course to prevent it going over."

You can sign the petition to drop the bill here

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