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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said in response to new research showing a 50% fall in heart attack deaths in the last decade:

"This important research shows how the NHS made major strides in the last decade in saving lives and improving standards of care for heart patients.

"I pay tribute to Sir Roger Boyle who played a major role in this outstanding achievement as England's National Director for Heart Disease and Stroke.

"It is also a huge vindication of Labour health policy and demolishes yet another of the Prime Minister's bogus claims for his Health Bill.

"Mr Cameron sought to justify his unnecessary reorganisation of the NHS by talking down its record on heart disease. These figures expose his claims as self-serving and wrong.

"In Government, Labour launched a national drive to cut deaths from heart attacks through the national service framework on coronary heart disease. It succeeded because of the strength of the NHS structure - which Mr Cameron is now to break apart.

"His fragmented market removes the National from NHS and makes it far less likely that we will see health gains on this scale in the future.

"The existing NHS works for patients and has delivered drastic improvements in patient care over the last decade. So why is Mr Cameron turning it upside down and putting all this progress at risk?"

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