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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to the release of the Government’s White Paper, ‘National Security Through Technology: Technology, Equipment and Support for UK Defence and Security’, said:
“This four-times-delayed report is a missed opportunity to support one of the UK’s genuine success stories.
“Recent events remind us of the enduring importance of our Armed Forces and the defence industry to our national security and economic stability. On both counts the country will be deeply disappointed by the Government’s failure to deliver the far-reaching reform that is required.
“Defence procurement faces major challenges which require far-reaching change within the MoD yet the Government plans to continue operating within the same flawed structures. Defeating the ‘conspiracy of optimism’, reconciling defence imperatives with industrial policy and preventing scope creep and delay all go unanswered.”
Alison Seabeck MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Defence Equipment, said:
“This is a huge missed opportunity. This report is emblematic of the problems facing defence procurement – delayed, diminished in ambition, willing the ends but not the means.
“The Government still appear unable to produce an industrial strategy for the UK defence industry. This is more concerning coming a day after the Government looks set to lose out on a major contract which would boost British companies and support jobs.  Industry needs certainty and delaying further their equipment plan can only undermine potential investment both into, and within the UK.”

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