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Maria Eagle MP, Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary, said in response to the admission by Number 10 that the Transport Secretary does have powers over Network Rail bonuses:

"The Prime Minister has now passed the buck to Justine Greening on Network Rail bonuses while admitting that she does have the power to act over the outrageous bonus scheme being proposed by the taxpayer funded company, despite her attempts to imply otherwise.
“Network Rail’s Articles of Association are crystal clear. Thanks to the Department for Transport’s role as a ‘Special Member’ of Network Rail the Transport Secretary could have attended, or appointed a representative to attend, meetings of the company’s Remuneration Committee and voted against these proposals. It is not too late for her to do so at next week’s General Meeting of Network Rail.
“The Transport Secretary should stop spinning, recognise that times have changed and use the power she clearly has to ensure that this bonus scheme is not agreed at a time when fares are rocketing and performance on the railways is deteriorating.”

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