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Douglas Alexander MP, Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary, said:

"Pressure is mounting on the Syrian regime but it must remain sustained and comprehensive if it is to sharpen the choice faced by those directly carrying out these barbaric acts.

"It should be made clear no one will avoid being held to account for the violence and terror they have perpetrated on the Syrian people.

"The international community should extend the list of officials that are publicly named and subject to sanctions to include more of the battle field commanders – specifically the officers giving the orders to attack civilians in Homs.

"Widening the sanctions means we have a list of names of those implicated, making them vulnerable to being called to the ICC – and proving that when the conflict has ended, their names and the part they played, will not be forgotten.

"The twin track approach of increasing accountability alongside supporting those in the regime who make the right choice, is our best hope for success at this stage in the conflict."

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