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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said in response to the Lancet article on NHS productivity:

"This analysis is hugely embarrassing for the Prime Minister.

"It demolishes an anti-NHS argument that Cameron and his Ministers have repeatedly trotted out for their right-wing re-organisation. Far from falling, NHS productivity increased in the last decade at the same time as the NHS was achieving record patient satisfaction. It is this successful NHS that, inexplicably, is being turned upside down by the Tory-led Coalition.

"But, as well as destroying their arguments, this analysis exposes the Prime Minister's duplicity on the NHS. Professor Black explicitly criticises the Tories for propagating a myth that NHS productivity was declining to create a false justification for their Health & Social Care Bill.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that a desperate David Cameron is losing this argument. He claims his free market reforms will make the NHS more efficient but fails to acknowledge that the NHS is already judged to be one of, if not the, most efficient health care system in the world. He ignores the welter of evidence that shows market-based health systems are less not more efficient than planned systems like the NHS.

"David Cameron's reckless and costly reorganisation is taking £3.45bn from front-line patient care and destabilising the NHS at a time when it needs stability to focus on the financial challenge. This is an out-of-touch Prime Minister who is putting his political pride before the best interests of the NHS. He must be stopped."

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