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Labour is calling for a new review into Force structures which aims to correct the ‘top heavy’ imbalance in Service structures. The Government’s plans to make proportionate cuts to manpower at all levels of our Services, which will entrench the well-recognised imbalance in structures. A new review should seek to make greater cuts at the top, looking at international allies’ Force structures as a guide.
Kevan Jones MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Minister, said:
“The need for real reform of Service structures is now clear. The size of the most senior ranks within the MoD has risen by a third since 1990 and we have a higher number of officers than key allies.  This ‘top heavy’ model has been recognised by the MoD itself but Ministers are doing nothing to correct the clear imbalance which exists between top and bottom.
“Ministers are holding a review which will perpetuate rather than tackle the imbalance across our Services. If our Armed Forces are to be reshaped effectively there will need to be disproportionate reductions of senior officers.  We now need a review which has this as its premise.  
“It is right to demand efficiency of those at the bottom but we cannot justifiably do so while protecting those at the top.
“We now need a full review of structures that benchmarks against lessons from overseas and trends in a transformative security landscape.  This is a transitional moment for defence policy which demands comprehensive reform.”

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