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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said in response to a letter from over 150 paediatricians in the Lancet condemning the Health Bill:

"Warnings for Ministers do not come any more serious than this one.

"The Government is being told in no uncertain terms by 150 experts that it is putting children's safety at risk with its reckless NHS re-organisation. By pressing on, it is putting its political pride before what is best for children.

"It is simply outrageous for the Government to gamble with children's safety and this warning is sufficient reason alone to drop the Bill. Ministers can't simply ignore it as it backs up similar warnings revealed earlier this week in risk assessments by NHS bodies.

"After this intervention, families want to know the truth about the Government's re-organisation. It can't continues to keep its own risk assessment secret any longer.

"Next week, Labour has called a vote on the publication of the Risk Register. On the back of this serious warning, it is indefensible for MPs to vote for secrecy. The public have a right to know what risks the Government is running with the NHS and I call on MPs of all sides to support us in voting for publication."

You can sign the petition to drop the bill here

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