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A new survey published today by Inside Housing Magazine shows that the vast majority of councils have no evidence that landlords are dropping their rents in response to direct payment of Local Housing Allowance in direct contradiction to the claims of both the Prime Minister and the Housing Minister.

In addition, new figures out today from LSL Property Services also show that rents in the private rented sector rose in January for the first time since they began compiling their survey and annually by 4.3%.
Jack Dromey MP, Labour's Shadow Housing Minister, said:

"The Prime Minister and the Housing Minister told the House of Commons 'rents have been falling'. Now we know that is not the truth.
"The stark figures expose the truth; rents are rising almost everywhere. David Cameron and Grant Shapps are simply out of touch with the everyday lives of millions of people who hand over rent each month.
"I wrote to the Prime Minister over a month ago asking him to correct the record and his silence has been deafening. I have now written a second time, asking him to correct the record and acknowledge that families up and down the country are struggling to pay rising rents. I will also be raising this matter in Parliament."

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