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Jack Dromey MP, Labour's Shadow Housing Minister, today called on the Prime Minister to correct his statement to the House in January where he claimed that rents were falling in the private rented sector.
This follows two unanswered letters to the Prime Minister in which he set out the evidence which demonstrates conclusively that families are struggling to pay rising rents in the private rented sector.
Jack Dromey, challenging David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions, said:
“Mr Speaker, both the Housing Minister and the Prime Minister have told the House that rents are falling when the evidence shows that rents are rising, including a recent survey by Inside Housing Magazine. Will the Prime Minister take this opportunity to put the record straight or will he continue to blame the tenants when the blame lies with landlords setting ever higher rents and the failure of his Government’s house building programme?”
Following the Prime Minister’s response, Jack Dromey, said:
“David Cameron and his Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, are completely out of touch with families across the country who are struggling to pay rising rents and face an unprecedented squeeze on household incomes.
“The Prime Minister has now had three opportunities to correct his statement. His failure to do so shows that not only is he out of touch with families' everyday lives but he doesn’t appear to care.”

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