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New figures published today by the Department for Communities and Local Government show a shocking increase in rough sleeping across England in 2011 by 23% from 1,768 to 2,181. There were particularly large increases in the East Midlands (55%), the North West (49%) and the South East (39%).
Jack Dromey MP, Labour's Shadow Housing Minister, said:

“It is a disgrace that in our society we not only have people sleeping rough on the streets but that it is increasing. The harsh reality of Cameron’s Britain is that more and more people face a night out on cold streets. The facts show that homelessness and rough sleeping are rapidly rising.”

“In Opposition, the Prime Minister said homelessness and rough sleeping was a disgrace, his Housing Minister said it was what got him into politics. But warm words will be cold comfort to the increasing number of people facing a night out on the streets. In Government it is what you do about it that counts and this Government is failing on every measure.”

“The Government was warned its policies risked increasing homelessness and rough sleeping but these warnings fell on deaf ears. What we are seeing now is a direct result of this Government’s failure.”

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