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Chris Bryant MP, Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, in response to today’s report from the Migration Advisory Committee, said:
“Today’s report from the Migration Advisory Committee just goes to show the ever widening gap between this Government’s rhetoric on immigration and the reality of their policies.
“Last April, this Tory-led Government put in place a cap on skilled workers that exempted large numbers of people. In 2011 only 7,700 Tier 2 (General) visas were issued while the number of visas issued for entrance to the UK through intra-company transfers, not covered by the cap, has shot up.”

Chris Bryant continued:
“This Government needs to tone down its rhetoric and get in touch with reality. David Cameron promised ‘no ifs and no buts' on immigration, but so far his Government has failed to set out how it will deliver on that promise.
“We need strong controls on people who want to come here. They should pay their way and add value to our country. I hope we can all agree on that, but the Government needs to be honest with people and get tougher on illegal immigration too.”

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