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Jack Dromey MP, Labour's Shadow Housing Minister, in response to Grant Shapps' re-announcement on the Tenant Cashback scheme, said:

"Grant Shapps is stuck like a broken record constantly re-announcing the same policies. And not only is this a re-announcement, it is over-hyped.

"Grant Shapps talks of £4 billion spent on social housing repairs and maintenance each year but much of this includes structural, electrical and gas repairs. Does he expect tenants to fix their own gas-main?

"Above all what tenants tell me they want is a reliable repairs service provided by their landlord. If your boiler breaks down in freezing weather or your kitchen is flooded, the last thing you want is to have to hunt for a handyman. But, of course, where tenants are willing and able to do their own DIY such as painting and basic carpentry work they should be able to do so and many landlords already have the powers to make this possible.

"But we also want to be sure that this doesn’t lead to higher costs in the long run. The Government’s own impact assessment says that the costs of repairs could increase as a result of a drop in standardisation, loss of economies of scale and low standard repairs.”

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