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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, commenting on Winsor's report on the police service, said:

“We will look carefully at Tom Winsor’s report and his recommendations. The police service cannot stand still and must change to deal with the challenges of the present and the future. Police officers recognise that and have supported our proposals for an independent commission on the future of policing led by Lord Stevens.

"But we remain deeply concerned that Ministers are doing nothing to address the real pressures on police as a result of the scale of police cuts, and instead of setting out a positive vision for policing in future are still pursuing piecemeal and confused changes which pull the police in different directions.

"With Labour crime fell by 43 per cent and the chance of being a victim of crime was at its lowest since records began. More police officers, improvements in training and the introduction of neighbourhood policing helped make that possible, so we are in favour of reform that delivers for the public.

“However, this Government’s policy for policing is being defined not by positive reform, but by the serious damage being done to frontline policing by the loss of over 16,000 officers across the country.

“Officers who respond to 999 emergency calls have been cut, police morale has plummeted, and the Tory-led Government has prioritised cutting police officers above cutting crime. This report does not address the serious concerns the public have about the Government's policy on policing and crime.

“This latest report says it will save £4m in the final year of the spending review, yet the police are being forced to make cuts of £2bn. The Tory-led Government needs to halt its plans to cut over 16,000 police officers and come up with a plan to cut crime instead.”

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