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Vernon Coaker MP, Labour's Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, has obtained figures which indicate that 90,000 pensioners in Northern Ireland - a third of all over 65s in the region - lose out because of measures on age-related income tax contained in the Tory budget.
Mr Coaker said: "George Osborne and Owen Paterson's ‘Granny Tax’ raid on Northern Ireland will affect 1 in 3 pensioners who live there. The freeze in the personal allowance will see 90,000 pensioners across the region lose an average of £83 per year next April. And people turning 65 next year will lose up to £322.
“The Secretary of State yesterday welcomed the budget and said it was good for Northern Ireland. It shows just how out of touch he is. The budget is bad news for Northern Ireland, and will take money away from older people who will lose out because of the Tory tax on pensioners."

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