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Alison Seabeck MP, Labour's Shadow Defence Minister and MP for Plymouth Moor View, in response to news that the Defence Secretary is planning to visit Plymouth to sign off a refit of HMS Vengeance, said:

"A long planned and routine refit is being used to cover up chaos in MoD planning. This is a PR stunt.

"Instead of giving an important statement to Parliament on the future of the carriers the Secretary of State has travelled to Plymouth to tell us something which he could have signed off in Whitehall.

"This Government has a serious credibility gap with no aircraft on the carriers for at least ten years. Ministers are compounding the problem with this guessing game of whether they will make further significant changes to their defence programme.

"The Secretary of State is in the South West to try and muddy the waters, cover up his Department's short-comings and the failure of the rushed defence review."

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