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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, commenting on the Written Ministerial Statement on the Defence Policing and Guarding Agency, said:
“There will be very real concerns about the impact on protecting munitions stores but most importantly our nuclear bases. We must be told the full implications of this decision.  
“The Army are being cut by 20,000 by this Government, morale is falling and now Ministers want soldiers to fill in for the MoD Police they’re sacking.
“This is a pretty shabby way to sack 1,800 people. Sneaking out a statement on the eve of Easter recess is no way to end the MoD careers of so many brave men and women.
“The defence community and the country will want to know at which sites cuts are being made, what the impact will be on security, how many soldiers will be asked to change duties and what further cuts are set to be made.”

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