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Rob Flello MP, Labour's Shadow Justice Minister, commenting on the Tory-led Government’s announcement of a Charter for Coroner Services, said:
“A toothless charter is a poor substitute for a fully functioning Chief Coroner with proper powers. Labour's Coroner's Act, which had cross-party support, would have given bereaved families an appeals system that would genuinely have provided redress against bad coroners or bad decisions.

"Labour, along with many other organisations and charities such as Inquest and the Royal British Legion, had to fiercely oppose the Tory-led Government’s shameful plan to abolish the Chief Coroner role. Now we see yet more delay in actually appointing someone into the position. Given that the role has been stripped of the powers needed to be effective, I fear it might be proving difficult to find a suitable and willing candidate for the job.
"It is now almost two years since this Coalition government came into power and it is disgraceful that we still don’t have a Chief Coroner in place. This flimsy charter and re-hashed guide only serve to show the Tory government is all words and no action. Bereaved families deserve much better than this."

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