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Clive Efford MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport, commenting on the Launch of this year’s London Youth Games, said:
"The London Youth Games have been going more than 20 years and they have set the standards which others have followed. I first attended the London games in 1980 when I took a team of young people to play football. It is wonderful to see how the games have developed each year since then.

"David Cameron announced yesterday that he would be continuing with the national School Games that started in 2006. He is attempting to build on the legacy of the last Labour government, but this cannot cover up for the destruction of School Sport Partnerships, which delivered unprecedented levels of participation in sports activities including competitive inter school sport. 
"They have also cut the PE & Sport Survey that measures sport participation in schools, so we will no longer know how much sport is being delivered to our children.
"The Government’s cuts mean fewer children will be getting involved in Sport in the future. Everyone involved in school sports knows that School Sport Partnerships were a legacy to build on and they have been destroyed by this Government."

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