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Labour calls for tighter rules after DVLA agrees to sell data on drivers to parking firm convicted of dodgy practices

Ministers must ban the sale of motorists’ personal records to rogue parking firms - Labour demands today after an investigation revealed the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency sold 7,000 drivers’ names to a firm after its boss was convicted of dodgy practices last year.

John Woodcock MP, Labour's Shadow Transport Minister, in the light of the Mail on Sunday’s report that showed parking firm Observices Parking Solutions (OPC) was given back its license to buy drivers’ personal details from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency after a court ruled it had been ‘recklessly unfair’ to drivers last year, called for a review of the system that allows the parking industry to regulate itself.

John Woodcock MP said:

“Motorists will be highly alarmed that the Government seems happy to sell on their personal details to car park operators that have been convicted of sharp practices.

“Rather than sitting back and making a profit from the sale of drivers’ personal data to convicted criminals, out-of-touch ministers need to get a grip on dodgy car park operators can make people’s lives a misery.

“The Government should enforce an immediate ban on the sale of DVLA data to firms convicted of unfair practices, and conduct an urgent review into the system of self-regulation for parking operators which has allowed this to happen.”

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