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Catherine McKinnell MP, Shadow Minister for Children and Young Families, responding to the findings of Ofsted's report which confirms that the main cause of delay for children seeking adoption is within the family courts:
"This Ofsted report shows up the Government for its obsession with headline-grabbing rather than focussing on the real task in hand.
"Ofsted's report confirms that reforming the family justice system has to be a priority for the Government rather than getting distracted by issues such as ethnic matching. Unless the Norgrove Review's recommendations are rapidly implemented, the Government's adoption strategy is at risk of failure.
"If we are to speed up the system, we have to increase our trust in social workers. While independent advice will sometimes be needed, the challenge is on both local authorities and the courts to ensure that the opinion of social workers can be trusted and relied upon. That is how to bring about real improvements for all of our most vulnerable children."

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