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Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General, has written to Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions, concerning allegations of criminal offences committed by two Metropolitan Police Officers in separate incidents.

Emily Thornberry MP, in her letter says:

“I understand that consideration was given by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to charging PC Joe Harrington with Common Assault and PC Alex MacFarlane for racial abuse but that the decision was taken not to pursue a prosecution in either case.

“I understand that both these charging decisions are now being reviewed.

“The public needs to be reassured that allegations of criminal offences, particularly those involving racism, are investigated swiftly and effectively regardless of the perpetrator.

“If after reconsideration the decision of the CPS remains not to prosecute, a clear public and detailed explanation is needed to maintain confidence in the CPS.”

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