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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, in response to fresh polling of GPs on the Government's new Health Act, said:

"These findings are significant as GPs are beginning to see the practical effects on the ground of the Government's re-organisation of the NHS.

"Most GPs are clear that the NHS is going in the wrong direction and that the Government's changes will make it worse not better. These results echo the concerns Labour has consistently raised and flatly contradict the reassurances given by the Prime Minister to get his Bill through.

"It is clear David Cameron convinced nobody with his rhetoric and had to resort to ramming his Bill through Parliament. Any hopes he had that the concerns of NHS professionals would now subside are blown out of the water by this. Instead, GPs are clearly worried about the future of the NHS, warning of longer waits, service rationing and creeping privatisation. Many will lay responsibility for these things directly at the Prime Minister's door."

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