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For the 2012 local elections in England and Wales, Labour is fielding:

• 10 percent more candidates than the Conservatives

• Over 30 percent more candidates than the Liberal Democrats

Tom Watson MP, Labour’s Election Campaigns Coordinator, commenting on the number of candidates nominated by the major political parties, said:

“Labour is fielding more candidates in these local elections than any other political party - 10 percent more than the Conservatives and over 30 percent more than the Liberal Democrats. This is a magnificent achievement coming only two years after the worst general election result for a generation.

“It’s quite clear that two years into this Government, battered, with party discipline fraying and running out of ideas, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are running scared. Furthermore, when it comes to the basic issues that British people care deeply about - the NHS, jobs, tax and crime - they are completely out of touch."

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