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Broadcaster, journalist and Labour peer Joan Bakewell has asked Labour Party members to join her in calling on David Cameron and George Osborne to think again on their 'Granny Tax' - the controversial Budget measure which will see, from next April, pensioners who pay income tax losing on average £83 a year – while 14,000 people earning over £1 million receive a tax cut.

On Thursday, Labour will force a vote in the House of Commons on the Tory-led Government’s controversial 'Granny Tax'.

Joan Bakewell said:

"David Cameron is making an unfair attack on pensioners. Surely it can't be right to be putting taxes up for pensioners, while giving millionaires a tax cut. In tough times like these, we should all be doing what we can to help. But David Cameron is making things harder not easier for pensioners and hard working people to play their part.

"This week Labour is forcing a vote on this issue, calling on the government to think again and change course."

You can take action and call on the Tory-led Government to change course here

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