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Tessa Jowell MP, Labour’s Shadow Olympics Minister, welcoming 100 days to go until the opening ceremony of the Olympics, said:
“The success of our Olympics will be judged by the visible legacy: in the new homes, world class sporting venues and new transport infrastructure in the East of London and by how well the ODA, LOCOG and Government delivers the Games.
“But there is a point at which the extent to which this will become a moment that will mark our country’s history forever, will have to depend on the enthusiasm, engagement and energy of the British people, which is why creating an Olympics which will include the whole country has been an ambition of ours from the outset.
“So yes it will be a great moment for London, but it is important that villages, cities and towns across London feel it is their moment too – through hosting a training camp, sending volunteers to the Games, or because local businesses played a role in building Olympic venues. A national legacy of memory and achievement – that’s a job for each and every one of us.
“There continues to be concern, however, about the second legacy promise to the IOC - to inspire a generation of young people though sport. It remains to be seen whether the Tory-led Government’s cuts to school sport will have a detrimental and long-term impact on young people’s participation in physical exercise.
“A clear signal from the Government to reinstate the school sport survey would at least help to identify any gaps which may have opened up since they scrapped the School Sports Programme. A programme which while Government ministers were in opposition recognised was undeniably successful.”

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