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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, commenting on crime figures released today, said:

“These figures show some very concerning rises in crimes such as robberies and muggings.

"Personal acquisitive crime - which includes robbery and theft from the person - is up by 13 per cent and the proportion of people who were victims of personal crime has risen. Theft from the person has also gone up by an alarming 10 per cent – the largest year-on-year increase in almost 10 years.
“Recorded crime figures show the number of robberies rose by 3 per cent, and it is deeply disturbing that almost a quarter of these robberies involved a knife or other sharp instrument.  
“David Cameron is taking huge risks with the fight against crime. At a time when robbery and personal theft is on the rise, the Tory-led Government is cutting over 16,000 police officers and removing crucial powers for the police in their use of DNA and making it harder for communities to install CCTV.

"Despite their promises to protect the front-line, we know that thousands of officers have already been taken out of 999 response teams, neighbourhood teams and traffic units. The Government is out of touch with people's concerns and taking risks with crime and people's personal safety."

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