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John Woodcock MP, Labour's Shadow Transport Minister, following the Government’s response to the Transport Select Committee report on rail cable theft, said:

"Cable theft remains a massive cause of disruption on our railways, with 35,000 train journeys a year delayed or cancelled, costing passengers, Network Rail and Britain’s struggling economy millions of pounds.

"Out-of-touch ministers are still dragging their feet on changing the law to require people selling scrap metal to provide proof of identity. Compulsory ID would make it much harder to sell stolen metal and easier for the police to track down those who do. In less than two weeks, the Government will set out it’s legislative programme in the Queen’s Speech. Transport ministers must ensure that compulsory ID for scrap metal sales is in that programme.

"Hard-pressed passengers have a right to know that they will be properly compensated for delays caused by cable theft. In their response to the select committee, ministers have refused to take action to require train operators to be more transparent, and to demonstrate that every penny they receive in compensation for cable theft is passed on to their customers. The Tory-led Government must stop dragging its feet and take action to improve compensation arrangements for passengers."

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