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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, will today challenge the Housing Minister over the Government’s housing record after new figures released by Labour show that housebuilding under the Tory-led Government is 26 per cent down on the average achieved under the last Labour Government.
Jack Dromey MP, speaking before Communities and Local Government Questions in the House of Commons this afternoon, said:

“These figures show the Government’s policies are making the housing crisis worse not better. Tory Housing Minister Grant Shapps said that building more homes than Labour was the gold standard to judge him by. By his own measure he is failing. Housing completions are down 26 per cent on average quarter by quarter compared with Labour’s time in Government.

“This Tory-led Government is failing the millions of families who want a decent home at a price they can afford. It’s failing the young couples wanting to buy their first home. It’s failing those in the private rented sector who face soaring rents and poor standards.

“Those in desperate need of a home can’t wait any longer, the Government must act and they should start by levying a tax on bankers bonuses to build 25,000 more affordable homes, putting unemployed building workers back to work and creating 100,000 jobs for young people.”

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