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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on delays at British border control posts at the Eurotunnel's Calais terminal, said:
"After seeing queues at Heathrow, with people waiting over two hours to pass through the UK Border, we now are seeing that these problems aren’t just confined to Heathrow or airports for that matter but are spreading. The reports that motorists are being forced to queue back on to French motorways while waiting to enter the Eurotunnel confirms what we have said all along - you simply cannot cut the number of staff at the border without affecting the quality of the service that UK Border Force officers are able to provide.
“Far from getting a grip, it looks as if this problem is spreading. A problem created by the Home Secretary, ignored by the Immigration Minister and not resolved by the Prime Minister. This incompetent Government is overseeing a shambles at our borders - it's simply not good enough.
"David Cameron, Theresa May and Damian Green have shown phenomenal complacency throughout this crisis and it's about time they started to listen to those that make the point that for necessary security to be guaranteed, staffing levels need to be maintained. There is little point shuffling dwindling numbers of staff from pillar to post. They must get a grip."

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