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Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, following the 2012 Local Elections, said:

"I want to thank everyone who voted Labour yesterday and placed their trust in us.

"I also want to say something to those people who voted for other parties and the many people who did not vote at all.

"I will work tirelessly between now and the next General Election to win your trust.

"I know we have more work to do to show we can change our country so that it works for you, for your sons and daughters who are looking for a job, for families feeling a squeeze in living standards, for everybody rather than just a few at the top.

"David Cameron promised change but has failed to make things better.

"People are hurting from this recession. People are suffering from a government that raises taxes for millions of families but cuts taxes for millionaires.

"I am determined that we show people we can change people's lives for the better."

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