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Yvette Cooper, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to news that unacceptable passenger delays have now spread to Stansted airport overnight and this morning, said:

"How many times does the Home Secretary have to let things go wrong before she starts to put them right?

"So much for the Prime Minister ordering Theresa May to get a grip last week. The chaos at our borders is clearly spreading to port after port - damaging our global reputation and our security too.

"The Home Secretary was warned about the risk of cutting 1500 borders staff, and particularly about losing so many in Olympic year. It is now clear she has failed to take action to make sure the Borders Force can cope without either massive queues or reducing security.

"This crisis has been building for some time. How has the Home Secretary allowed it to get this bad?

"This is becoming a circus with staff being shunted from port to port to try and keep up because the Government cut so many in the first place without a backup plan.

"Theresa May needs to get a grip, sort out unacceptable delays at our borders, and make sure their are enough officers available at all our ports to maintain security too."

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