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Responding to the Care and Support Alliance letter on the crisis in social care, Liz Kendall MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for Care and Older People said:

“The Government is completely out of touch with the scale or urgency of the crisis in care.

“They refuse to acknowledge that their cuts have pushed a system that was already under pressure close to breaking point, and they have repeatedly delayed their White Paper on social care.

“Labour is determined to play our part in trying to get cross party agreement on the changes older and disabled people and their families desperately need.

“That’s why Ed Miliband initiated cross party talks on the future funding of social care, following the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission. We want legislation on long-term care funding in this Parliament, rather than simply producing a ‘progress report’, which is the Government’s current plan.

"This issue is too important to duck, and too urgent to kick into the long grass.”

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