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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to reports on the Today programme of tenants being forced out of their homes as rogue landlords seek to profit from the Olympics, said:
“Rents are rising and tenants face growing abuse from rogue landlords profiteering from the housing crisis and the Olympics. But the Tory-led Government and Grant Shapps insist rents are falling and have labelled protections for tenants as “red tape”.

"In Government, Labour introduced a national register of landlords, regulation of letting and managing agents and compulsory written tenancy agreements, all scrapped by Grant Shapps.
“Labour would regulate the Private Rented Sector to drive standards up and rogue landlords out, protecting tenants and the many reputable landlords. We would also use the bankers bonus tax to build 25,000 affordable homes. This would mean more homes, which are in a better condition, with fairer rents for people in the private rented sector.”

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