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Liz Kendall MP, Labour's Shadow Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, said in response to the Queen's Speech:

"David Cameron and Nick Clegg made a clear promise they would legislate on social care.

"But today we see them only committing to publish draft legislation on reform of social care law, with no commitment to introduce a Bill on reform of care funding in this session.

"Labour believes this issue is too urgent to kick into the long grass. Over £1 billion has been cut from local council budgets for older people's social care since the Government came to power and the system has now reached breaking point.

"Older and disabled people deserve better. The key test for the Government is whether they will grasp the nettle and reform the way care is funded in future.

"Labour initiated cross-party talks on this issue and we are determined to play our full part in trying to achieve cross-party consensus.

"There is nothing to stop the Government, if they are serious about social care reform, committing to legislation in this session of Parliament, legislation which includes funding reform as well as wider policy and legal reform.

"Our care system is in crisis and needs urgent reform, including how we fund care in the future."

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