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Chuka Umunna MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on Foreign Secretary William Hague’s attack on business leaders today following their critical remarks on the Queen’s Speech, said:

“Business leaders have told Ministers that this Government has lost the plot and urgently needs to work with them to create the conditions to foster private sector growth and to provide a more certain policy environment to give business the confidence to invest.

“Instead of listening to British business, this out of touch Foreign Secretary now suggests that our firms are not working hard enough and that is why there is no growth. The truth is that this Tory led Government’s disastrous policies have put Britain into recession when it inherited an economy that was growing and now they are seeking to dump the blame on business for their economic incompetence.

“William Hague says our businesses should 'get on the plane, go and sell things overseas’ as if our businesses have not already been trying to do just that. His comments are typical of an out of touch Government that refuses to listen and refuses to take responsibility for its own economic policy failures.

“Business has been crying out for the Government to adopt an active industrial government strategy, where government steps up and works in partnership with business instead of stepping aside and telling business to get on with it. For reasons of political ideology, the biggest roadblocks to the adoption of the active government strategy business has called for are the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and now the Foreign Secretary.”

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