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Responding to Which? calling for the Government to make big changes to ensure the Green Deal works  for consumers, Luciana Berger Shadow Climate Change Minister Luciana Berger MP said:

'This warning from Which? shows that the Government should listen to Labour and make the Green Deal a good deal for consumers, with lower interest rates, strong customer protections and incentivised take up.   

'The Government's proposals are in chaos and the fact that Which? are warning that in its current form they would be unable to recommend the Green Deal to consumers, should tell out of touch ministers that they urgently need to get a grip of the mess that they have created.'

Responding to a report by the Committee on Climate Change on the role of local councils in reducing carbon emissions, Shadow Climate Change Minister Luciana Berger MP said:

‘This report is a step forward in supporting councils to tackle climate change. Local authorities have a huge role to play in reducing our nation’s carbon emissions and can lead local communities in the fight against rising energy bills and fuel poverty.

‘A community-based approach bringing neighbours, businesses and local authorities together to save energy, is completely absent from the Government’s current climate change strategy.’

‘Ministers should take heed of this report and adopt Labour’s proposals for local carbon plans which would help create 70,000 jobs, support hundreds of small businesses and lower bills for households across the country.’

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