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Gloria De Piero MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister, responding to proposed new measures to tackle antisocial behaviour, said:

"The Government are weakening the powers police have to tackle antisocial behaviour. These measures are a weak rebrand, with a breach of the order not even resulting in a criminal record and the police having to fund these civil proceedings in the first place.

"And people will be bemused that it will take 3 separate complaints, or 5 different households, before getting a response. All complaints should be dealt with, and quickly. People suffering from antisocial behaviour don't want to wait for the Government's proposed slow trigger.

"The Government said they would act on antisocial behaviour two years ago. It's taken that amount of time for them to publish a paper. Stronger tools for the police to tackle antisocial behaviour should have been in the Queen's Speech.

"This Government is cutting the police by 16,000 officers, weakening police powers and failing to take crime seriously. This is yet another sign of their weakness and lack of commitment in the fight against crime."

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