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Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, commenting on new allegations by a former chief auditor to A4E, said:

“It is now clear that Iain Duncan Smith has been asleep at the wheel as allegations multiply of systemic fraud at one of his biggest contractors. He's now got some very big questions to answer over his department's handling of this enormous contract.

“A4E is one of the Department of Work and Pension's biggest contractors. Iain Duncan Smith signs the cheques. He's got a responsibility to know what he's paying for.

“This week, we learned the Work Programme is failing badly. That's fuelling a new benefits black-hole as unemployment benefit spirals. Now we hear a 'multi-billion fraud' may be underway.

“Labour has asked time and time again for this Government to publish its performance data, and with yet more serious fraud allegations emerging, it's now time to come clean. We have to know if contractors under suspicion of fraud are failing to deliver. And if they are we have to fire them, fast.”

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