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Karen Buck MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Minister, responding to today’s NEET statistics, said:

“Today’s statistics are very worrying. They show the highest first quarter NEET figures since records began and an increase of 26,000 since the General Election. The number of young people not in education, employment or training for the first quarter of this year is up by 29,000 on the same quarter of last year.

“By choosing to ignore the NEETs crisis, this Government is kicking away the ladders for the next generation. By scrapping EMA and the Future Jobs Fund, and getting rid of face-to-face careers guidance, the Government is taking away support for young people to stay in education and find work at a time when they most need it.

“The Tory-led Government’s cuts in education are the biggest since the 1950’s. Its economic strategy, which has resulted in a double dip recession made in Downing Street, is hurting and not working. It is families that are paying the price with incomes being squeezed and long-term unemployment at a 16 year high. By cutting too far and too fast, it’s clear that this Government believes today’s levels of youth unemployment are a price worth paying for its out of touch policies.”

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