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Labour has today launched a Policy Review document on Services for Young People.

Karen Buck MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Young People, has highlighted the benefits of hosting youth centres in schools.

Karen Buck MP said:

“Many youth centres do a fantastic job, but too many are not up to scratch: poorly funded, not open at the right time, and not used by enough young people. In the worst cases, they can be target for gangs or those committing antisocial behaviour. Labour wants that to change. Youth Centres should be ‘safe havens’ for young people.

“We want to examine the case for locating more youth clubs in schools. This could deliver good new services, while saving money, as well as encouraging a wider diversity of young people to attend. Schools can have a greater social mix than many youth clubs, encouraging more social mixing.

“We shouldn’t limit our thinking to the traditional model of the youth club on the corner.

“Labour will help improve the quality of youth services, by doing more with less, allowing young people to take control of services, and ensuring services are accountable to the young people they serve.”

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