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Chris Bryant MP, Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, said:

“It is right that Abu Qatada should remain in custody until his deportation can be secured.

"People want to see him deported as fast as possible, and held securely in the meantime.

"The Home Secretary assured us five weeks ago that her decisions would speed up the process. She has already made basic mistakes over dates which caused delays.

"Now it appears there will be further long delays but in the meantime it is right that the immigration judge has agreed that Abu Qatada should remain behind bars given according to the Home Secretary he is a threat to national security.

"The worry for us all was that since the Government weakened counter terror powers, Abu Qatada could have soon been free to use his mobile phone, the internet and make contact with his old associates. After scrapping control orders this Government's weaker TPIMs regime would mean less constraints on a man the Home Secretary has assessed as a threat to national security.

“Therefore it is a relief that he will remain in prison during the time of the Olympics and we hope that his deportation can now be secured despite the government farce of the last few months.”

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