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Chuka Umunna MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on manufacturers’ organisation EEF’s opposition to Adrian Beecroft’s proposals on no fault dismissal, said:

“Today the EEF, which represents Britain’s manufacturers, has added to the chorus of voices opposing Adrian Beecroft’s plans on no fault dismissal. As well as making employees less secure at a time when they are already facing huge uncertainty, as the EEF has highlighted today there is absolutely no evidence that the 'fire at will' proposal in the Beecroft report would result in more jobs or growth.

“The Chief Executive of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, which represents over one hundred thousand accountancy businesses, has already said that the proposals risk increasing fear of redundancy, hitting consumer spending as well as disproportionately affecting those on lower incomes.

“Vince Cable claims to have opposed Adrian Beecroft’s 'fire at will' manifesto from day one but we know that his department commissioned the report, its officials helped to produce it and Cable lacks clout with the Treasury and No.10 who are also sponsoring the plans. BIS is already consulting on introducing Beecroft’s most controversial proposals, which if introduced would affect employees in 95 per cent of businesses in this country.

“To deal with the recession made in Downing Street, businesses want to see a proper plan for jobs and growth rather than an attack on the rights people have at work.”

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